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Good day Hoodkroft Members,

                  We hope you are all well and enjoying the summer.  Hoodkroft obviously had a late opening this season but we are trying to include as many of our traditional tournaments into a shorter window this year.  Obviously this has been a golf season like nobody has experienced, so please be patient as we work through some new processes.  With that said, we have added several members to the tournament committee this season.  The intention was to include a good cross-section of members to weigh in on rules, policies, and procedures to make tournaments fun and competitive for everyone that participates.  Here are the members of the committee:

  • Paul Ralston
  • Joe Raboin
  • Jenna Jolly
  • Phyllis Miller
  • Josh Casey
  • Doug Oliver
  • Lisa Robichaud         

              Last week when the committee met for the first time, we identified a few processes that needed to be revised and assigned some specific roles for members of the group.  Without going into great detail we would like to call your attention to one policy change that we are implementing immediately.  

              Moving forward, there will be an age requirement of at least 18 years to participate in club tournaments aside from specified "Juniors Tournaments."  This policy applies to the following tournaments:  Governor's Cup, President's Cup, Mixed Classic, Member-Member, and Member-Guest (men's and women's).  We are allowing Juniors under 18 to participate in the Club Championship provided it is in the Gross/Championship Division only.  We are also allowing Juniors under 18 to play in the Hoodkroft Open since that is open to any amateur in the state of New Hampshire with an active handicap.   

We believe you will see a smoother process for the rest of the tournaments this season and ask for your patience as we work through our processes.  If anyone has suggestions, we welcome your feedback and look forward to seeing you on the course!  


Hoodkroft Tournament Committee  

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